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Put your health in your hands

DietPal aims to make dieting easy, whether that be for fat loss, muscle building or general health.

DietPal allows you to pick a diet accustomed for your needs. Whether you want to try out the keto diet, become a vegan, pescatarian etc. We have plans, meals and recipes to cater to your needs. DietPal makes things easy, it tells you your daily caloric and macronutrient requirements based on your diet. It then allows you to implement tons of recipes, meals, single ingredients into that daily routine. On top of that, if you're ever on the run at the grocery store, just turn on the barcode scanner, get the nutritional info and integrate iut into your diet.

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Learn About All the Advantages that Our Programs have to Offer

Over Two Million Recipes

DietPal has over two million recipes which you can integrate into your diet. It tracks your calories, macronutrients and adjusts based on changing weight.

Personalized meal recommendations & Live Grocery List!

DietPal gives you personalized meal recommendations based on your diet plan. These meals include everything from ingredients, quantities, clear directions, utensils, calories and macronutrients per serving.


Best of all, DietPal is completely free to download and free of subscription! 


We've Come a Long Way

DietPal was founded by Victorum

Victorum was founded with the mission to help improve the health and fitness of everyday people through the process of personal initiative. We wish to give people the tools necessary to improve their own lives in ways that have been proven. We don't sell snake oil or magic pills, we give proven solutions based on scientific research and the founder's own experience as a bodybuilder & fitness/diet junkie.

On top of DietPal we have also launched many other fitness & health apps such as; Fitness Buddy (which has our recommended workouts) and Keto Checker (Quick nutrition and keto checker for foods, recipes and barcide scans.)

These apps are also entirely free to download and free of subscription. You can check them out below.

Keto Checker
Fitness Buddy

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